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    Superabsorberande biltorkhandduk

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    Superabsorbent car drying towel is a specially designed towel crafted to efficiently absorb excess water from the surface of your vehicle after washing.

    Made from advanced microfiber materials, this towel offers exceptional water-absorbing capabilities, allowing you to dry your car quickly and effectively without leaving behind streaks or water spots.

    Its large size and soft texture make it ideal for use on all types of vehicle surfaces, including paint, glass, and metal, leaving them clean, shiny, and streak-free.

    • High absorbency: The towel is constructed from superabsorbent microfiber materials that quickly soak up water, reducing drying time and effort.
    • Lint-free and streak-free: Ensures a flawless finish without leaving behind lint, streaks, or water spots on your vehicle's surface.
    • Gentle on surfaces: Soft and plush microfiber fabric is gentle on paint, glass, and metal surfaces, preventing scratches or damage during drying.
    • Large size: Offers ample coverage and drying area, allowing you to dry your entire vehicle with just one towel.
    • Durable and long-lasting: Made from high-quality materials, the towel is durable and can withstand multiple uses and washes without losing its effectiveness.
    • Versatile use: Suitable for drying cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, and other vehicles, as well as household surfaces like countertops and windows.
    • Machine washable: Easy to clean and maintain, the towel is machine washable, allowing for convenient reuse time and time again.


    • Material: Mocka + finfiberduk
    • Vikt: 80g
    • Färg: Kaffegrå Beige Röd
    • Storlek: 30*30cm/11,81*11,81tum


    • 1 * Superabsorberande biltorkhandduk

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