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    Domino Tågblock Uppsättning

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    The Domino Train Block Set is a delightful and entertaining toy that brings the classic game of dominoes to life with a playful twist. This set includes colorful train-themed domino blocks, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for children. Watch as the domino train weaves its way through creative setups, creating a visually captivating and enjoyable spectacle.


    1. Train-Themed Domino Blocks: The set features domino blocks with vibrant and charming train designs. Each block resembles a train car, enhancing the visual appeal and capturing the imagination of young children who are fascinated by trains.

    2. Creative Domino Setups: The domino train blocks allow children to create imaginative and visually appealing domino setups. The train-themed design adds an element of excitement, turning the traditional domino experience into a dynamic and playful activity.

    3. Colorful and Attractive: The blocks come in a variety of bright colors, making them visually attractive and engaging for young players. The colorful design adds to the overall appeal of the set and stimulates children's visual senses.

    4. Motor Skills Development: Playing with the Domino Train Block Set promotes the development of fine motor skills in children. As they set up the dominoes and interact with the train blocks, they enhance their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

    5. Easy to Set Up: The set is designed for easy setup, allowing children to arrange the domino blocks in different patterns and configurations. The simplicity of the setup process ensures that young children can enjoy the activity independently.

    6. Domino Effect Excitement: The train-themed domino blocks create an exciting domino effect when toppled. Children can experiment with various setups to observe the chain reaction and the thrilling moment when the dominoes fall one after another.

    7. Durable Construction: Crafted from durable materials, the domino blocks are built to withstand the playful handling of children. The sturdy construction ensures the longevity of the set, providing hours of entertainment.

    8. Encourages Social Play: The Domino Train Block Set is ideal for group play, fostering social interaction and collaboration among children. They can work together to create intricate domino setups, enhancing communication and teamwork.

    9. Educational Value: Beyond the fun and games, the set offers educational benefits. Children can learn basic principles of cause and effect, spatial reasoning, and pattern recognition as they explore different ways to set up the domino blocks.

    10. Battery-Powered Train Engine: Some sets include a battery-powered train engine that adds an extra element of excitement. The moving train can be placed at the beginning of the domino setup, enhancing the anticipation before the dominoes topple.

    In summary, the Domino Train Block Set combines the classic appeal of dominoes with the charm of a train-themed design, creating an entertaining and educational experience for children. With its colorful blocks, ease of setup, and potential for creative play, it's a delightful addition to any young explorer's toy collection.



    • Material: Plast

    • Color: Som det visas på bilden

    • Domino Storlek: 1.8*0.5*3.4 cm

    • Tåg: 16*7*10.5 cm

    • Ström: 2 "AA" batterier (Ingår ej)

    • Paketet: 1 Domino Tågblock Uppsättning ELLER 20 Block



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